Rustom Full Movie Watch Online 2016

Rustom Full Movie Watch Online 2016 

Rustom Full Movie Watch Online 2016

Rustom Full Movie is another biographically-based movie of Akshay Kumar. From few past years, Akshay Kumar is making movies based on real life incidences. His previous films were airlift, baby, special 26, Rowdy Rathore; Gabbar is back and holiday, all these movies have public message and patriotism feeling. 
The story of Rustom 2016 Full Movie is based on Nanavati case. The story mainly focused on three characters. First one is Nanavati is naval office, the second one is Sylvia, she is his wife and was the UK born and the last one is Prem Ahuja. He is a close friend of Nanavati. Nanavati married with Sylvia But he was away from the house because of his duty is on sea port as he was a naval officer. In his absence, his wife has become close to his friend and their friendship turns into love and romance.

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Rustom Full Movie Watch Online 2016

After the sometime Nanavati return, he comes to know that his wife is with his friend then immediately he met with his friend and asked about that. He asks that would he marry with his wife or not but he refused in abusive language. Nanavati didn't bear these sentences about her wife and shot him with three bullets. After depart from his house and told his guard that he killed his boss. This is the point after this story of Rustom Movie Watch Online become exciting and eye catching. He surrendered himself in front of police and faced the court.

Rustom Movie Watch Online 2016

The district court heard all the aspect of the case and found him guilty. On this base, the court sentences him to death under the 302 article of Indian panel court act but this not the end of Rustom Full Movie. The movements are arranged from the naval force and parsi cast in the favor of Nanavati. 

Rustom Full Movie Watch Online 2016

The agenda behind these movements is that to cleared the image of Nanavati in public and represent him as the patriot and loyal officer and defame the Prem Ahuja. After that appeal in supreme court and high court against this decision and request that to reopen this case but the result remains same. 

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Nanavati faces the lifetime imprisonment that the story of Rustom Movie 2016. All the effort of media and movements wasted because they failed to save Naval cop. Are you interest to know about Nanavati that what happened with him? Where is he now? And all that stuff. He was in prison for three years and after that he was released from jail, and he went to Canada. 

Rustom Full Movie Watch Online 2016

He has three children, and he died in 2003 as this story is based on the incidence of 1969 in Bombay. So watch Rustom Movie Online and enjoy the blend of patriotism with a twist. Watch the chemistry of Akshay Kumar with Elena and enjoy the movie as they both look fantastic with each other.      

Rustom Full Movie Download

The download link will be updated after its release so wait for 12 of August and enjoy with its trilling trailer.

Rustom 2016 Full Movie Trailer

We hope you will enjoy this trailer, and now you are curious to watch this movie on 12 of August. Rustom Movie Watch Online.Its release is closer to independence day. Watch Akshay Kumar in a uniform of naval force and refresh your patriotism feeling.


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