Emirates Crash Landing Dubai International Airport

Emirates Crash Landing Dubai International Airport

Emirates Crash Landing Dubai International Airport

There's some disturbing breaking news coming in from GUWAHATI of Emirates Plane Crash 2016 Aug 3 at about 12:45pm. A tragic and destructive collision of aircraft has been evaded at the GUWAHATI Airport to indigo airlines. Flights almost collided at the GUWAHATI airport yesterday. Six people were injured after this terrifying near-miss at that particular Airport. 

The information we have is that an aircraft departing from the GUWAHATI Airport and headed towards Chennai. And there was another aircraft that had just landed coming in from Mumbai. And while taxi there was a very close collision call in which six people have been injured. 
Both the aircraft have been grounded at this point of time and an inquiry has been ordered. It could have been a much worse tragedy that has been extremely terrifying. 

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Tragedies involving aircraft not just in the air but also on the ground in which hundreds of people have been killed in the past that. it was a first re-identified as a possible missing by APC, also of not being able to communicate to the aircraft in the proper way. Why would be on within the same runway at the same time? One landing and one takeoff and of course there were more than 300 people on both the aircraft. 

Emirates Plane Crash 2016

It could have been a major accident one going to Mumbai one coming from GUWAHATI. And this of course with leaving six people injured including two air hostess. Who was trying to pacify the passengers, who are their onboard and the fact that the indigo aircraft, both of them are indigo aircraft?

It is also identified whether it was a mistake on be the part of the professionals. Who are there on board that despite the fact that the airport authority isn't working on what putting in trying to identify on whose mistake is it our rather blender I would call it.

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As both these aircraft have been grounded a very serious issue because both of these are indigo flights. Indigo happens to be the market leader in terms of you know commercial travel in the country at this point off time. No passenger was seriously injured in this accident.

We will soon update you with upcoming news related to Emirates Crash Landing Dubai International Airport.


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