Afghanistan Taliban Crashes Pakistani Helicopter

Afghanistan Taliban Crashes Pakistani Helicopter

Afghanistan Taliban Crashes Pakistani Helicopter

Afghanistan Taliban Crashes Pakistani Helicopter and hostage 7 peoples. This Helicopter is on its way to Uzbekistan. But when it’s over the logar province of Afghanistan. Taliban Hits the helicopters. The helicopter was crash Land and Taliban hostage 1 foreigner which are in the helicopter. And then destroy the plane.

On this topic afghan media confirm that a plane was seen. And its lands in logar. They also said that its lands due to its targeted by Taliban. The 1 hostages is Russian Officer. They are not sure. That whether this plane is of Pakistani Army or not. But according to Pakistani media, it not Pak army plane. It’s the Punjab government plane.

Afghanistan Taliban Crashes Pakistani Helicopter

It registration number is APBDGF. Its destination is Bukhara. After that its depart for Russia for its repairing issues. It departs from Peshawar. And follows the permitted path from the afghan air traffic department. But unfortunately captured by the Taliban.

Government of both countries are getting information about this incidence. Many news are coming from the Afghan Media. It MI 17 Russian Helicopter. Pakistan government are trying to Negotiate with the Taliban. And want to get back their people from the Afghan Taliban.

There are many incidences of this type were occurred in the past. Pakistan should take notice of such type of incidences. And talk with Afghanistan government to take action on this incidence. And took steps to ensure the security of the air traffic. This is not good from their side. As the plane follows their instructions and path.

It departs in morning. And didn't accomplished its journey toward its destination. Afghan Army also conforms about the crash landing of Helicopter. Pakistani Foreign office is in contact with the foreign of Afghan. They are trying to get their people to their homeland as soon as possible. We are updating you about Afghanistan Taliban Crashes Pakistani Helicopter.


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