Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

Smartphones have changed our lives in more ways compared to anything else. It has become a part of our life and opens up endless possibilities. Smartphones are used for social interaction, productivity, work, photography and even fitness. Personal trainers use fitness apps to help their clients get in shape. There are hundreds of mobile apps available for people to keep track of their fitness. Even hardware is being modified to support fitness apps. New phones are coming with heart rate sensors which monitor different vitals of your body. Today, we will look at some of the best fitness apps for personal trainers.

GAIN Fitness

Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

GAIN Fitness is a free iOS app for fitness trainers and it has been featured in the Editor’s Choice in health and fitness category. The app is your personal trainer in a smartphone which helps trainers keep track of their client’s fitness. It offers a range of exercises and plans for workouts. GAIN Fitness features exercises which take as little as five minutes to up to 90 minutes. The app monitors your weight, health and other factors then proposes different exercises.

GAIN Fitness is unique because instead of just monitoring your fitness, it actually tells you what to do. The free version comes with bundled exercises but users can purchase additional exercises starting from $2.99. For beginners, the included exercises are more than enough for full body workouts. In-app purchases can get quite expensive considering it is just an app.

It monitors everything and even notifies you when you have skipped your exercise due to your schedule. GAIN Fitness will provide a plan B which will include short exercises due to time constraints. It is a comprehensive app that acts as a personal trainer. Personal trainers do not need to guide users on which exercises they should do. They can just utilize the app and guide their clients towards a healthy lifestyle.


Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are becoming more tech centric and they keep in touch with their clients digitally. FitSW is an app which is designed specifically for this purpose. This app revolutionizes client training sessions by tracking your client’s progress. 

It acts more like an organizer where a personal trainer can create, track and monitor his/her client’s workouts online. Since people have such hectic schedules, they often miss their personal sessions. For this purpose, FitSW is developed for personal trainers so they can assist their clients at home.

Personal trainers can also develop a complete guide for diet in the app for their client. The client will follow the diet proposed by his/her trainer while the trainer monitors the progress. FitSW also manages your weekly workout schedules and workouts. It is an all-in-one solution for fitness trainers to interact with their client online.


Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

Smartphone apps can act as a personal trainer but they will not replace qualified trainers yet. Endmondo is developed to let trainers evolve with technology and connect digitally with their client. It is similar to FitSW but it also includes additional features such as group training and social support. Motivation is the major driving force and it is one of the reasons why certified trainers are preferred over mobile apps.

Endmondo enables a trainer to create client goals and design cardiovascular workouts from within the app. The trainer can then forward the goals and workouts to the client via Endmondo so he/she can follow the instructions. Personal trainers can track the progress of their client and motivate them if needed. 

Endmondo also offers group training that helps several people to train together and motivate each other. Online social support is also available which help clients stay motivated throughout the course to better fitness.


Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

Lolo is an app designed for direct audio sessions between the client and the trainer. It is excellent for motivating your clients to go a step further during their workout sessions. Lolo connects the client and personal trainer during the workout at home. 

Trainers can provide a step-by-step session on yoga exercises or guide them when to increase the speed on the treadmill. Both parties are in constant contact with each other. Personal trainers are adding Lolo in their business model so they maintain their clients even if they cannot come to the gym every day or week.

It has an easy to use interface and works as an excellent driver for motivation. It also includes several workout plans and series for the client to follow. Similar to other apps in this article, Lolo is one of the best apps for personal trainers.

CoachApp Pro

Top Fitness Apps for Personal Trainers

All the apps mentioned above are related to training and workouts but CoachApp Pro is all about client management. Customer relationship management is a key aspect in any business and personal training is a business which is dependent on interaction with clients. CoachApp Pro offers client management, lessons support, package support and some advanced features which are only available to paid users.

Client manage stores all the data related to your customer in the app so you can keep track of his/her schedule, financials and much more. Simple lessons support caters to client’s request and financial status. Trainers can offer personalized packages or customized lessons to their clients. 

Package support includes various packages you offer your customers which allows them to get a discount when they purchase several lessons. It is a great app for personal trainers because it gives them a complete management solution on their smartphone.

All these apps are available for free or at a very low price. They help boost your business and interact with your client even if you cannot meet them in person. They help you maintain your clients and offer them lessons over the internet. 


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