Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

Social media is a lot more than just interacting with your friends and take a lot of pictures. It is a place to learn from one another and gain knowledge that you previously lacked. Twitter is the best mode to interact with top tech experts and entrepreneurs around the world. The micro-blogging website is home to everyone from the tech industry and their influential tweets.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

There are millions of users on Twitter and while most of them follow Hollywood celebrities, some users want to know about the world outside entertainment. Since tech is the fastest growing industry in the world, it is safe to say that if you want motivation to become great then follow tech experts. They will inspire you, help you make a purchase decision and give a little scoop of their personal life.  
Today, we will recommend the top ten tech experts to follow on Twitter.

TJ McCue

 TJ McCue is a tech business writer based in the United States. He is a professional writer who writes on various blogs including Forbes. He inspires entrepreneurs in developing their business and how they can improve efficiency. He writes for Tech Biz Talk, SmallBizTrends, American Express OPENForums, Forbes and Harvard Business Review.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

He provides excellent insights in the world of technology and industry trends. If you want to know the latest trends in tech and business then TJ McCue is a must follow on Twitter.

Michael Arrington

The founder of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington is a celebrity on social media. 2.5 million People follow him to get the latest scopes and news on technology. TechCrunch is one of the most reputable tech publications that provides latest news, reviews and opinionated articles on latest gadgets and tech companies.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

If you want to stay updated with the latest gadgets then you should follow Michael on Twitter.

Peter Cashmore

Peter Cashmore is another tech expert who is regarded as a celebrity in Silicon Valley. His 3.1 million followers stay updated with the latest articles on Mashable. He founded Mashable and turned it in to one of the most reliable news sources in the Silicon Valley.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

 Many bloggers are inspired by Peter because he built a publication from scratch and made it one of the best in the world.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is one of the best personalities on Twitter. He is the Head of Ted, a platform that gave voice to people all around the world. Ted has led to numerous innovations in technology and Chris has been at the heart of it. 

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

You will find a lot of interesting stuff in his Twitter profile along with his personal opinion on different things.

Arianna Huffington

If you are following Huffington Post then you should already know about their Editor-in-Chief, Arianna. She has many sources that provide her with inside news in the tech world. 

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

She shares her own opinion on technological trends and entertain you with various digital marketing contests and releases.

Lance Ulanoff

Lance is a former Editor-in-chief of PCMag and now he enjoys the same position at Mashable. He shares everything on Twitter including some good photography.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

 His profile is filled with technology and with his background of PCMag, you can expect some critical analysis on new product launches and decisions in Silicon Valley. Gamers will also enjoy his opinions on various topics.

 Padmasree Warrior

What is better than finding the Chief Technology Officer of Cisco on Twitter? She is the highest ranking officer of a tech company on Twitter who shares a lot of useful stuff as well as her love for photography and art. 

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

You will get a peek at her personal life and the technology driven tweets about Cisco and networking.

Anand Shimpi

The founder of Anandtech who has moved on to do other stuff in his life is one of the earliest PC industry personalities. His knowledge about the industry and computer hardware makes him the most experienced writer today.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

He has left his creation to supposedly work for Apple but still he remains an icon in the tech industry.

Bill Gates

The world’s richest man and the founder of Redmond giant Microsoft is the most active tech personality on Twitter. He might not be the best tech expert but after leaving his mandatory position at Microsoft he has become one of the best critiques of technology. 

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

You will mostly find tweets about Bill and Melinda foundation but on and off you will see some inspirational words from this self-made man.

Elon Musk

The founder of Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX and many other ventures, Elon Musk is the most vibrant personality on Twitter. His hunger for success has seen him cross many hurdles and he always managed to achieve his goals. If you want inspiration for success then Elon will definitely guide you towards it.

Top 10 Must Follow Technology Experts on Twitter

These are the top ten tech experts you should follow on Twitter to get a taste of everything, from tech news to charitable work to inspiring talks. These people are who they wanted to be a decade ago and they can inspire you to be one of them in the coming years. 


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