Jaanisaar Movie Review : Full Movie Watch Online 2015

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015
Jaanisaar Full Movie 
Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch is about Mughal Empires that how they live their life and how they spend their lives and people of different religions are live with peace and take care of each other and then a British comes and create the atmosphere of hatred between them for his personnel benefits and try to conquer this region. For more information must watch Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch.

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online

Watch Movie Online on 7 August 2015
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Release Date: Jaanisaar team decided to conquer the Box Office on 7 August 2015.

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Story Review : This movie Jaanisaar is about he war of 1857 that how British established their foot in India and then their plan a strategy to conquer the Asia because this land is full of resources and people of here were very innocent and British took advantage of this thing and creates misunderstanding between Hindus and Muslim of that region and they became enemy of each other.

They live together for almost 300 years with love and peace but British ruins everything and they turned into enemy.This story is almost 20 years after the war of 1857, story is about a prince who was a Muslim and this role is done by the Pakistani actor Imran Abbas who also work in a bollywood movie with Bipasha Basu in Creature 3D. 

In this movie Imran name was Ameer and he was a good looking prince in this movie and he falls in love with Pernia Qureshi named as Noor who was a dancer but Ameer didn't know about that. Noor trained by the Mazaffar Ali named as Meer Sahab, he not only trained her in dance but also in sword fighting and other fighting skill of royal family. On the others hand few people planned to ruin this royal state and ruled over this entire nation. 

When Ameer heard that noor for a dancer and he dance infront of people for the sake of money he didnot control himself and said to his father that he was ready for marriage. Ameer also met with Noor and offer him as she was dancer and did all that stuff for money. This movie have lot of entertainment, romance and fight for more watch this movie,

Mazaffar ali is director of movie and he also direct umraojaan and after a long time he comeback again with similar type of movie. Initially he want to named this movie as Raqs means dance as he was not known that this name was already taken and it was register to so he changed the named as Jaanisaar. This movie has different story from at that movie which are release this year so don't miss the change to watch that movie. 

Banner: Zee Music Company

Genre: Thriller, Action, Romantic

Producers: Meera Ali wife of well known director Muzaffar Ali a director of well famous movie Umraojaan.

Star Cast: Imran Abbas plays the leading role in Jaanisaar and it role about a muslism's prince. Pernia Qureshi act beside Imran Abbas as a Dancer.

Director Of Movie: Muzaffar Ali

Music By: Songs have very beautiful lyrics and singer put soul in it.As romantic and superhit songs are the speciality of Indian movies so this movie also have some superhits.Singers who put soul in songs are Shreya Ghoshal, Abida Parveen, Malini Awasthi, Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan, Sukhwinder Singh.

Lyricist: The heart touching lyrics written by Daagh Dehalvi, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, Neer Aleef.

Music Director: Ustad Shafqat Ali Khan Muzaffar Ali

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Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015

Jaanisaar Movie Cast:

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015
Imran Abbas Naqvi

Jaanisaar Full Movie Watch Online 2015
Pernia Qureshi


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